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Jane Sawyer: Rain Gatherer#1 and Shadow#1. Image of a slip decorated ceramic bucket and it's black ceramic shadow

Jane Sawyer draws on a blend of contemporary design, craft practice and conceptual curiosity. She eschews categorisation as her versatile ceramic objects often inhabit a territory in between all the above. Whether engaging the tactile sense through a humble tea cup or the visual sense through sculptural pieces and installations, fluidity, movement and a keen interest in materiality are her pathways for an overriding interest in the object as a catalyst for connection and meaning.

"Jane Sawyer has created a language of form and colour that makes a virtue of humility. Though she maintains a Japanese rigour in her work, she breaks certain traditions attached to materials."   

Kevin Murray, 2005

"Sawyer's teasing vessels are finely balanced between awkwardness and elegance, indolence and vitality, playfulness and solemnity. They are forever in a state of becoming".     Peter Timms, 2007

"These pots contain humour, playing with the viewer/user, inviting (them) to touch and consider the nature of the material and the relationship of the shape to the human body."   Shannon Garson, 2008

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