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Jane Sawyer - Potter

by Sabrina Talarico, 2016

Jane discusses her influences and what motivates her work.

Jane Sawyer, Contemporary Studio Potter

by Mark Newbound, 2018

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"When Mark asked to film me making something from start to finish I decided on a humble cup that I make in multiple numbers rather than a single more expressive piece. I wanted to somehow communicate the meditative flow that happens...


Jane is interviewed by Ben Carter on Tales Of A Red Clay Rambler:

Episode 130: Jane Sawyer on developing and individual sense of touch after apprenticeship training


Manningham Gallery: The Victorian Ceramics Awards

Jane introduces her piece "Touch The Flow" which was selected as a finalist in the Victorian Ceramic Awards at Manningham Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, 2018

The Distributed Studio

Jane and Janet DeBoos are interviewed about their forum at The Australian Ceramics Triennial in Hobart in 2019 to discuss Janet's paper "The Distributed Studio" and "where to next?"  

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