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Exhibition of ceramics by Jane Sawyer & Sandy Lockwood

Material Memories, ceramics by Jane Sawyer and Sandy Lockwood, explores the idea of memory and how it is held, continued and expressed in material, form and objects.

Sawyer’s pieces are wall-mounted, wheel-thrown and altered, made with red earthenware. Whilst fired and glazed, they are lyrical in shape and retain a sense of the soft, pliable and draped. Lockwood’s objects are textured and raw-feeling. Displayed on surfaces and wall- mounted, her pieces recall and accentuate the earth, fire and ancient practice that have brought them into being.

As a whole, the exhibition expresses a shared interest in the meaning and depth of memory.

Where: ArtPuff Gallery, The Mill, Castlemaine, Victoria

When: Opening: 12 August 2022, 6pm. Continues through 4 September 2022

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