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The Collecting Conundrum

Panel discussion: collecting ceramics.
Jane Sawyer(Member Bluestone Collection), Rebecca Evans(Curator AGSA), Claire Sourgnes(CEO, Artisan, Qld)

The Collecting Conundrum. A panel discussion with Jane Sawyer (Director Slow Clay Centre, representing The Bluestone Colection), Rebecca Evans (Curator Decorative Arts & Design, AGSA) and Claire Sourgnes (CEO Artisan,QLD) as part of conference Apmere Mparntwe, Australian Ceramics Trienniale, NT. The conundrum is: ceramics are being highly collected privately and are "on trend" again being collecteed and exhibitied widely but…same conundrum as ever: ceramics are not getting into public institutions and therefore our cultural value is less than other art forms which means ceramics is still being downgraded in history. The Art/Craft debate is obviously still alive in Australia but is there anything we can do about it?We will address issues such as how decisions are made about what to collect; the influence of donors and budgets; and craft as "the gateway drug" to collecting art.

Bluestone Collection is a private collecting group of contemporary craft which was established in 2008 with the aim to support craft in Victoria. More:

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