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Slow Clay Centre's bespoke turning/trimming tool contains eight tools in one and is closely modelled on Jane Sawyer's Japanese teacher's tools. If you have ever attended Slow Clay wheel classes you would have been taught trimming/turning using this particular style of tool because one tool can do so much! 


Eight tools in one = a large and a small end (for large and small pots!) and each end has a flat blade, a curved corner, a right angle corner and a vertical blade.


See three videos on Slow Clay's website about how to care for them, how to use them and how to sharpen them to ensure a crazy good cut every time!  


$48 includes postage to anywhere in Australia (International enquiries welcome)

Slow Clay Turning/Trimming Tool

Sales Tax Included |
  • After using, wash and dry. Do not leave submerged in water or slurry. Polish and oil occasionally to protect surface but expect superficial rust. Please view our video on caring for your tool. 

  • Depending on the clay, you will need to sharpen your tool occasionally. This is normal for all tools! The beauty of these is it can be done very quickly, in just a few minutes, and you will have a new sharp blade again every time. Please view our video on sharpening and be sure to keep the original cutting angle. 

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